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Red Lodge Fire Rescue has many Standard Operating Policies (SOPs) and Standard Operating Guidelines (SOGs). 

Several of the policies that affect the public can be found here. 

For more information on other policies and guidelines, please contact us

Red Lodge Fire Rescue's Nondiscrimination policy for members and users of our services. 

RLFR Nondiscrimination Policy 2023.jpg

If you feel Red Lodge Fire Rescue has unlawfully discriminated against you, please utilize this process in order to file a complaint.

RLFR Discrimination Complaint Process 2023.jpg

If you require reasonable accommodations to access our services, please request them using this process.

For emergency situations: 

Accommodations for Limited English Proficiency or other communication issues in emergency situations will be accommodated through the use of: 

  • Bilingual RLFR members, if they are available

  • Applications such as Google Translate

  • Utilization of appropriate family, friends or others on scene

  • Utilization of Language Translation Service through Billings Clinic 

  • Notification to dispatch and/or the receiving hospital (for EMS responses) so that interpreters can be made available.

RLFR Reasonable Accomodations Process 2023_Page_1.jpg

RLFR HIPPA PRIVACY POLICY - Notice of Privacy Practices

_EMS Form - 2023 Notice of Privacy Practices_Page_1.jpg
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